State Exams – Supervision and Inspection

AWI Certification is now available for Welding Supervisors in conjunction with TAFENSW

A key responsibility of the AWI is to provide a credible, transparent and user friendly welding qualification system for its members. For some time now, the AWI has seen some great success in running a program for:

AS1796:2001 Certification for welders and welding supervisors – Certificate numbers 1 to 9.

The AWI has recently extended the program to include:

AS1796:2001 Certification for welders and welding supervisors Certificate number 10 plus;

AS2214:2004 Certification for welding supervisors – Structural steel welding.


However, our latest news is that both AWI and TAFENSW have been in extended discussions for some while now and an agreement has been reached that is acceptable to both parties, but more importantly will benefit members, students and industry.

After completing an auditing process, AWI have reached an agreement that the NSWTAFE exam papers, can now be used. This means an easier transition to the AWI certification and ultimately reduces costs to industry stakeholders.

State based exams for Welding (Supervision and Inspection) will be held on Monday the 23rd of November.

Contact your local NSW TAFE for details.

The AWI will now have no need to verify the exam but only the pre-requisites to anyone wanting to transition to the AWI certification. In a nutshell, our cost reduction has been significant as detailed below:

  • $98 $49 for a joint AWI-TAFENSW wallet card and certificate
  • $250 $149 to transition to AWI

The industry has been waiting for the return of a practical, relevant qualification, which is a cost competitive alternative to the offerings of the WTIA.

The AWI has listened to industry, but more importantly -YOU and have now made this a reality. Our examination papers have been written and validated by industry experts that have extensive experience in the relevant disciplines. We have had some fantastic feedback on them.

We have provided a certification system that measures the skills and knowledge of welding supervisors. We actively support and promote the AS 1796 and AS 2214 Welding Supervisors qualifications and encourage all members and the Metal Fabrication Industry to embrace these qualifications.

Further information or Application forms are available through selected TAFE Colleges and from:



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