AWI Certification

AWI Certification is now available for Certificates 1 to 9 and Welding Supervisors.

Following on from the discussion regarding AS/NZS 2980, The AWI offers streamlined, relevant and practical certification for welding personnel.

 AWI has been successful in introducing and running a program for AS 1796 Certifications 1 to 9. The AWI is now extending the program to include Certifications 10 and Welding Supervisors to AS 2214.

The industry has been waiting for the return of a practical, relevant qualification, which is cost competitive to the WTIA.
Wait no longer, the AWI  are making this happen!

AWI examination papers have been written and validated by industry experts that have extensive experience in the relevant disciplines.

Feedback from running the first round of examinations are exampled below:

“they are based much more on what we need to know in the workshop” and

“it was a very detailed exam but based on practical application of being a supervisor”.

The AWI has listened to key stakeholders – Industry, but more importantly -YOU – and have provided a certification system that measures the skills and knowledge of welding supervisors. For example, there will not be questions on MIAB or Laser welding in the exam. Instead, we have elected to use the examination period to focus on the more ‘relevant skills’.

For an application form, and information about upcoming exams, please contact

Application forms will be forwarded to you.

AWI is streamlining the process, making it understandable, relevant and focused on these important industry qualifications.



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  1. Jeremiah Togo

    I have being welding for over 10 years now and have not had the chance to get certified.
    I would like to know if there is an opportunity for some one like me to gain certification as I am a confident welder welding on site steel work mainly fillet welds over head and vertical up.



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