Welders Certification

We have listened to industry, but more importantly -YOU – and have provided a certification system that measures the skills and knowledge of welding personnel.

The Australian Welding Institute is raising the bar on these important industry qualifications as well as giving you a quality alternative. To that extent, the AWI is committed to providing its members with ‘competitive choice’ and a cost-effective certification scheme; meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the Australian welding and fabrication industry. Working with Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), we have implemented a nationally recognised scheme catering to:

• AS 1796 certificates 1 to 9 (the ‘welding tickets’)

This certification scheme is designed for experienced welders either currently working or seeking employment in the manufacture or repair of boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping or high quality welded applications.

Each candidate must have completed the theory and practical skills requirements specified in latest Australian Standard 1796, which will, (depending upon the 1-9 welding certificate undertaken) allow the applicant be certified to weld high quality applications on plain carbon and/or low alloy steel plate and pipe sections.

The Australian Welding Institute can assess qualifications issued by RTO’s from around the country and when the candidate submits their information using the appropriate forms, the AWI will issue a certificate and wallet card, acknowledged and verifiable by Australian industry.

AS1796 certificates 1-9 application form Rev4

Application form AWI Rev2

Our strategy is to offer flexible, logical and progressive certification and education schemes driven by members and industry. We actively support and promote the AS 1796 welding qualifications. We have established an alliance with a number RTO’s around the country and take pleasure in supporting and promoting these RTO’s and programs and are now endorsing Welder Qualification AS 1796 Certificates 1 – 9.

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