AWI AS/NZS ISO 3834 Certification

Simplifying the Certification for AS/NZS/ISO 3834


Who needs it?

AS/NZS ISO 3834 is the Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials and is designed to provide guidance and compliance requirements for industries that engage in welding activities.

Can my organisation meet the requirements of the Standard?

The AWI has made meeting the requirements of the standard as simple as possible by providing a certification or compliance pathway based on industry recognised and well respected Australian Welding Qualifications.

These qualifications have been underpinning high quality Australian fabrication and welding for many years. Two of the leading Australian qualifications are listed below for the role of Welding Coordinator identified in the

AS/NZS ISO 3834 standard:

  • AS 1796 Welding Supervisor Certificate 10
  • AS 2214 Welding Supervisor Structural, Welding Inspector

Whilst other International qualifications are considered, typically the TWI CSWIP Welding Inspectors, these alternative qualifications are taken into consideration and the individual is judged on his evidence of skill level and experience.

What are the benefits?

Many major clients and certain welding codes/standards require that companies manufacturing particular types of product must have appropriate quality assurance systems.

Using AS/NZS ISO 3834 may be one of the most cost effective ways of meeting that requirement.

How do I get there?

The Australian Welding Institute provides a streamlined “Australian Standards” based process that offers the lowest cost completion by partnering with a range of Registered Training Organisations across each State and Territory.

Welding fabricators can now implement with confidence AS/NZS ISO 3834 as part of their quality system or as a standalone process knowing they have access to an organisation that provides the quickest and most cost effective implementation pathway in Australia today.

Certification Process with the AWI and TQSCI

These qualifications are recognised, relevant and understood by many Australian businesses in the fabrication and welding industry.

Both of these qualifications are readily available from the many TAFE’s and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) across the country.

The relevant Australian Welding Standards place significant emphasis on quality by stipulating that these qualifications are a vital part of the essential knowledge required for a person to show competency.

The AWI can audit your existing quality system and can offer certification or compliance to AS/NZS ISO 3834:2008 for the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. AWI is providing the Australian welding and fabrication industries a cost effective professional auditing and certification and compliance service that ensures industry meets the relevant standards.

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