Exploring the new Flexlite GX torch range from Kemppi

Kemppi’s new, high-performing Flexlite GX torch range delivers on ease and efficiency

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, will shortly release its new Flexlite GX torches for MIG/MAG welding. Designed for comfort, reliability, performance and efficient use of consumables. Where previous torches are costly to use and maintain, the new Kemppi Flexlite GX welding torches, will help users increase productivity while saving on inventory costs.

Together with the Flexlite TX range for TIG welding, the Flexlite GX torches deliver next-generation capability for professionals and complete the Kemppi Flexlite family.


flexlite gx torch

High-performance Torches

Built to perform under extreme temperatures and in demanding environments, the Flexlite GX range delivers quality welds. The sophisticated torches use power source capacity efficiently and help users create smooth and spatter free welds.

The shielding gas channels in the Flexlite GX gun have been separated and the cooling circulation runs to the very end of the gun neck. This keeps the neck gun cooler and enables cleaner welds, less spatter and reduced shielding gas consumption.

In addition, the innovative neck cooling system of the Flexlite GX series ensures that the temperature of the contact tip is up to 35% lower when compared to other corresponding welding guns. This benefits of this are:

  • extending the life of the contact tip
  • extending consumables life
  • reducing costs
  • making spare parts management easier


Excellent Ergonomics

The Flexlite GX torches also deliver comfort in spades and help reduce welder fatigue thanks to their ergonomic design. Each torch is lightweight and features a flexible cable set and innovative ball-jointed cable protection that reduces the load on the welder’s wrist.

Plus, the pistol grip handle has been anatomically designed so that it feels like an extension of the welder’s hand. Providing excellent balance, it allows for a natural wrist position. This makes the work at hand easier and more effortless, particularly when doing long welds. It also allows the welder to concentrate on challenging tasks rather than challenging equipment.


flexlite tx system

Less Parts, Lower Costs

The number of changeable parts in the Flexlite GX torches has been reduced by improving cross-matching across corresponding models, and by combining the functions of some of the consumables. The use of fewer parts reduces inventory costs so that welders can save on consumable costs.


Easy Access to Information

Every Flexlite GX welding torch and gun is equipped with a Quick Response code (QR) that quickly helps users find the right parts and accessories. Simply scan the QR code on your smart phone to access the information needed.


flexlite tx torch

Wide, Quality Range

Made from high-quality materials, the Flexlite GX range is strong, robust and easy to operate. The range is available in three value levels: K3, K5 and K8. Each level is designed to serve specific welding needs. The torches are offered in alternate power classes and lengths, and in varying neck versions. On-torch remote controls are also available as optional accessories.

For more information on the new Flexlite GX torches call Kemppi Australia on (02) 8785 2000 or email sales.au@kemppi.com or visit the Kemppi website.



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