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Members of the Australian Welding Institute gain exclusive access to internationally recognised certifications and education plans. You will receive a subscription to WeldEd, our free E-News Bulletin that will allow you to exchange information and ideas as well as develop your welding and fabrication knowledge.

The AWI strategy is to offer flexible, logical and progressive certification and education schemes driven by members and industry. Working with TAFE and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), AWI have implemented a nationally recognised scheme catering to:

  • AS 1796 certificates 1 to 9 (the ‘welding tickets’)
  • Certification of Welding Supervisors to both AS 1796 and AS 2214
  • Certification of Welding Inspectors

AWI provides a large collection of technical resources as well as a wide range of equipment to its valued members. The Australian Welding Institute has put together a series of technical resources such as our forum’s that are exclusive to our members. We also have a number of articles and calculators.


Sentinel A50 Air with Aristo PAPR

The Aristo Air PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system combined with the Sentinel A50 Air helmet, offers heavy-duty protection from welding fume and dust when...

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Kemppi releases new, tough and cost-effective X3 MIG Welder for MIG welding and carbon arc gouging

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has launched the new Kemppi X3 MIG family, an evolution of its popular HiArc MIG range. The X3 is a basic and cost-effective MIG alternative to Kemppi’s premium FastMig welding family, but with a high duty cycle and robust design is suitable for the tough and demanding conditions found in the metal fabrication industry.

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