Welding is a specialised process which if safely controlled, can achieve a cost-competitive, quality fabrication. The Australian Welding Institute has put together a series of technical resources in an attempt to help you avoid expensive or unplanned remedial work. From materials and consumables information, details about joint designs, welding processes and common materials and welding code through to safety articles plus links to other websites

The Australian Welding Institute recognises the need for personnel within the Australian welding and fabrication industry to have access to technical information which could limit remedial work or just simply aid understanding of this specialised process we all know as welding. The members-only area has QA forms and downloadable documentation to aid in your quality control requirements as well as a series of free calculators.

Become a member (it’s FREE) and take a look at the Heat Input, Carbon Equivalent and many other useful tools. Below, you will find a list of free resources and links provided by Australian Welding Institute members and sponsors for your use*.


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