ESAB Product Information – A2 Multitrac + GMH

A2 Multitrac A2TG + GMH

The ESAB modular concept makes it easy.

A2TG Multitrac is designed to put your MIG/SAW operation on the right track to increase both the productivity and quality. Combining GMH joint tracking controller and PEK controller makes it easy for any welder.

A2 Multitrac

The A2 Multitrac is a self-propelled four wheel driven automatic welding machine. The compact and efficient design makes it easy to move and to set up the A2 Multitrac on different welding workpieces. The mechanical components are very reliable even under extreme working conditions. Feedback systems on the wire feed and travel unit ensures good weld results.

The advanced design makes it possible to adjust the nozzle into numerous positions to best suit the application. The heavy dimensioned feed unit with encoder feedback secures an even and stable wire feed and a must for high quality welding. Another feature which ensures constant welding speed is the four wheel drive carriage which also has an encoder for feedback and easy to change processes.

The A2 Multitrac + GMH can be delivered in two versions, MIG and SAW.


To increase the profitability further there are a number of accessories available: standard and application specific guide rollers, guide wheel boogie for V-joint tracking, V-guide wheels, high temperature steel wheels, pilot lamp with a laser diode, twin wire SAW conversion kit and MTW600 MIG head conversion kit.

Cored wire – a high speed welding process

The A2 Multitrac can be used with cored wire. Productivity, economy and welding speed can be increased. When using cored wire in heavier sections the risk of lack of fusion is significantly reduced compared to welding with solid wire. Obviously the latter method is better when welding thin sections.

Programmed precision with Process Controller PEK

PEK Controller is used with CAN BUS controlled ESAB

power sources. The controller is equipped with a large digital display which makes fast programming and control of all welding parameters possible.

255 different weld sets can be stored in the controller. Adjustments to current, voltage and travel speed can be made during welding. A USB port for storing or recovering all files, all settings and configurations.


The GMH system minimises repair welding and adjustments post welding. The arc is always in the optimal position via a sensor and two motor slides. The GMH system can track edges, fillets both left and right hand, V groove, height control only and many more.

The quality will increase and the operator is free to supervise the whole process not just the wire position during welding. A simple pendant is supplied for the operator to select what is needed then drive to the joint to be tracked then the system takes over automatically.


Accessories GMAW

Contact nozzle Ø


0.8 mm                                                   0153 501 002

1.0 mm                                                   0153 501 004

1.2 mm                                                   0153 501 005

1.6 mm                                                   0153 501 007


1.6 mm                                                  0258 000 909

2.0 mm                                                   0258 000 910

2.4 mm                                                   0258 000 911

3.2 mm                                                  0258 000 915

Adapter M6/M10                                                0147 333 001


Feed rollers Ø

0.8 mm                                                   0145 538 881

1.0 mm                                                   0145 538 882

1.2 mm                                                   0145 538 883

1.6 mm                                                   0218 510 281


Knurled feed rollers for cored wire Ø

0.8-1.6 mm                                            0146 024 880

2.0-4.0 mm                                            0146 024 881


Knurled pressure rollers Ø

0.8-1.6 mm                                            0146 025 880

2.0-4.0 mm                                            0146 025 881


Shaft for knurled pressure roller                     0212 901 101


Auxiliary guiding equipment

Guide wheel bogie                                              0413 542 880

Idling roller                                                           0333 164 880

V-guide wheel                                                      0333 098 881

Guide bar 3 m                                                       0154 203 880

V-wheel track in steel                                         0443 682 881

Loop for connection of two automats              0334 680 881

Pilot lamp, laser diode                                        0821 440 880


Gas handling equipment

Cooling unit OCE2, 220V, 50/60 Hz                  0414 191 881

Hose (gas) *                                                          0190 270 101

Hose (cooling water) *                                        0190 315 105

* Number of meters to be specified

Arc shield                                                              0334 689 880


LAF 631 for SAW and MIG welding

LAF 631 is a DC welding power source designed for high productivity MIG/MAG and SAW welding. LAF631 has excellent welding characterises throughout the entire current and voltage range. This power source has a small footprint and has a very high efficiency.

MIG/MAG welding. LAF631 is a three phase fan-cooled DC welding power Source designed for high productivity MIG/MAG and SAW welding. It produces a stable arc at low currents and voltages.

This means that they are also ideal for high productive MIG and MAG welding.


Technical Data                                           GMAW


Wire dimensions (mm)

Steel                                                                       0.8-1.6

Stainless                                                                 0.8-1.6

Cored wire                                                            1.2-2.4

Max wire feed speed (m/min)                           16

Electrode weight (kg)                                          30

Weight excl wire (kg)                                          43

Permissible load 100% (A)                                                 600

Control voltage (V)                                               42

Travel speed (m/min)                                          0.1-1.7

Linear slides setting length (mm)                      90

Rotary slide setting angle                                   360°


Technical Data                                           LAF 631


Voltage, 3 ph 50 Hz,                                             V 400/415

Voltage, 3 ph 60 Hz,                                             V 440

Current A 100%, 50 & 60 Hz                              52

Cable area mm2, 50 Hz                                       4×16

60 Hz                                                                      4×16

Fuse, slow A, 50 Hz                                              63

60 Hz                                                                      63

Maximum load at:

100% duty cycle A/V                                           630/44

60% duty cycle A/V                                             800/44


Setting range A/V

MIG/MAG 50/17-                                                 630/44

SAW 30/21-                                                          800/44

Open circuit voltage, V                                       54

Open circuit power, W                                       150

Efficiency                                                               0.84

Power factor                                                         0.90

Enclosure class                                                     IP23

Dimensions LxWxH mm                      670x490x930

Weight, kg                                                             26


Ordering Information


A2 Multitrac A2TG (GMAW)              0461 234 880

GMH with remote control                 0460 698 880

LAF 631 power source                       0460 512 880

Set of wheels LAF 631                        0457 787 880

Control cable 15 m (PEK)                    0460 910 881

Control cable 25 m (PEK)                    0460 910 882

Control cable 35 m (PEK)                    0460 910 883

Control cable 50 m (PEK)                    0460 910 884




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