Welding Supervisors Exams

Welding Supervisors Exams have achieved great success

The recent examinations for certification as Welding Supervisor to either AS1796:2001 or AS2214:2004 have been held in venues in NSW and WA.

Papers A, B1 and B2 were available for candidates. Many took the opportunity to sit all three papers and gained themselves both Supervisor qualifications!!

The feedback from the candidates to AWI™ has been good and some of the comments are below:

“…..it wasn’t an easy exam but I appreciated the efforts you guys have gone to…”

 “The facilities were great…well done to the AWI”

 “…I like the idea of being able to sit all three exams if you wanted to, what a great idea”

Photograph of some of the NSW exam candidates

As representatives of the Australian welding and fabrication industry, a key aim of the AWI™, is to provide a national welding qualification system for its members that is recognised by the industry’s key stakeholders and which extends across all states and territories.

The industry has been waiting for the return of a practical, relevant qualification, which is a cost competitive alternative to the offerings of the WTIA. Not only has the AWI™ been running AS1796:2001 Certification 1 to 9 for many months now, but as you are aware, this year, the AWI™ extended the program to include:

AS1796:2001 and AS2214:2004 certification for welding supervisors in the pressure vessel iindustry (certificate 10) and structural steel industry.

Certification 1 to 9 has seen a steady growth in the numbers of welding personnel again, wanting a cost competitive alternative to the offerings of the WTIA.

The AWI™ hope that the trend will follow on into the Welding Supervisors arena. The AWI™ are making this happen!

Examination papers have been written and validated by industry experts that have extensive experience in the relevant disciplines. The AWI™ is raising the bar on these important industry qualifications as well as giving you a quality alternative.

AWI™ encourages its 600+ members and the Australian Welding and Fabrication Industry to embrace these qualifications. We have established an alliance with a number of TAFE Colleges nationally and take pleasure in supporting and promoting their programs.

The details of teh next rounds of exams follow on the next page. Application forms are available through selected TAFE Colleges or from: admin@welding.org.au

AWI™ Welding Supervision qualifications

Given the initial success of our offering of exams to date, the AWI™ is rolling out the next few round of examinations for certification for Welding Supervisors for

  • AS1796 – Certificate 10 and
  • AS2214 – Welding Supervisors – Structural Steel Welding.

Feedback from running the initial round of examinations support that we are on track:

‘they are based much more on what we need to know in the workshop’ and
‘it was a very detailed exam but based on practical application of being a supervisor’.

The AWITM has listened to key stakeholders – Industry, but more importantly -YOU – and have provided a certification system that measures the skills and knowledge of welding supervisors. For example, there will not be questions on MIAB or Laser welding in the exam. Instead, we have elected to use the examination period to focus on the more ‘relevant skills’.

Examinations will be held in capital cities around the country based on demand on the following dates

  • September 26th and 27th
  • November 28th and 29th

To apply for these examinations contact your local AWITM contact or email admin@welding.org.au

The appropriate forms will be forwarded so you can complete them ready for the exams.

For those that have an existing welding supervision qualification through TAFE, another RTO’s or the WTIA we are offering you the opportunity to convert your qualifications into the AWI™ qualification. by sitting the examination at 50% cost.

It is easy to do, if you have evidence of the qualification, satisfy the requirements of AWITM and are willing to sit the exam all you do is apply to the AWI™ and sit the exam/s.

So if you would like to take this opportunity and prove to the industry your worth as a Welding Supervisor, here is your chance.

For more information, email: admin@welding.org.au

Watch this space for the roll out of Welding inspection qualifications.



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