NanoSteel and EndoTec

NanoSteel and EndoTec cored-hard facing wire does more with less

NanoSteel’s Super Hard Steel (SHS) and EndoTec cored wires for weld overlay applications are patented steel alloys which provide superior wear performance in extreme service environments for increasing the life of industrial parts and components.

When welded, NanoSteel SHS and EndoTec cored wires form a near nano-scale microstructure with a unique combination of high hardness and toughness properties.

This results in a uniform hard matrix with maximum hardness and wear resistance consistent throughout the entire SHS material layer.

SHS achieves maximum performance in one layer, requiring less material to exceed conventional alloy performance and resulting in a better price/ performance ratio.

Application processes: Gas Metal ARC Welding (GMAW), Open Arc Welding (OAW). Alternatives to chrome & complex carbides, tungsten and carbide alloys for wear.

About NanoSteel

NanoSteel is the world leader in proprietary nano-structured steel material designs.

NanoSteel has created generations of iron-based alloys from surface coatings to foils to sheet steel and powder metals. For the oil & gas, mining and power industries, NanoSteel has introduced commercial applications of metallic coatings to prolong service life in the most extreme industrial environments.

The company has formed a close relationship with Castolin Eutectic to support customers throughout the world. NanoSteel is distributed, sold and supported in Australia by SMENCO.


SMENCO is one of Australia’s leading distributors of welding equipment, consumables, and associated welding technology from around the world. Among other leading international brands, SMENCO is the national distributor for Fronius welding equipment and Castolin Eutectic (both recognised as leaders in Welding Technology and Wear Solutions), Bohler Welding Consumables, Kemper Fume Extraction, Bug-O Automated Welding Systems, and BOA Bore Repair Systems.

Based in Melbourne with offices in Brisbane, Sydney & Perth plus representatives in many regional centres, SMENCO personnel have an enviable reputation for knowledge, experience and commitment to their customers and their industries.

SMENCO company trained and experienced field staff are backed by a comprehensive national Distributor Network to provide customers with service that’s never far away.


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