Fronius Magicwave 2200

Fronius ramps up the comfort factor

The Fronius MagicWave 2200 AC/DC Tig and TT 2200 DC Tig product families have been extended by the addition of a “Comfort” version, which was previously only available in the larger MW/TT 3000, 4000 & 5000 models.

The basic functions remain unchanged compared with the standard versions, but the “Comfort” version has a plain text display.

This has a number of advantages. Everything is spelled out in plain text, simplified and “tells it like it is”. That means no abbreviations, no numerical codes, just straight to-the-point announcements like “Main current”, “Lowered current” or “Electrode diameter”.

This is unique, in terms of both handling guidance and user-friendliness and ranks highly at the very forefront of modern technology.

It is also available in several languages including German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch & Polish (Finnish & Estonian coming soon).

Additional parameters can be easily set using the menu navigation. The plain text display is intuitive, easy to read and absolutely self-explanatory, meaning that anyone can learn to use it straight away.

The “Comfort” control panel employs the usual Fronius standards and can be controlled easily even when wearing protective gloves.

Fronius tig welders are Microprocessor controlled, Digital welding power sources which are generator compatible and thermostatically controlled making them user friendly in the workshop or in the harshest remote sites.

They feature, *Active Wave technology, *Automatic tungsten cap-shaping, Tig-Pulse, TAC function, RPI ignition (Reverse polarity ignition), Anti-stick and 100 Job memory.

(*Feature only available on the Magicwave AC/DC)

Also available are the optional VRD, water cooling, cold wire tig feeding, trolleys and robotic interfacing.

The units are completed with a range of  tig torches featuring the renowned Fronius up/down remote control or can be operated with a range of remote pendants or foot controls.


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