Factory fresh electrodes straight from the pack …

The prevention of hydrogen induced cracking in thick structural steels or porosity in stainless or nickel-base weld metal, by controlling the moisture re-absorption in the coating of MMA electrodes, can be very costly. In demanding applications, such as offshore fabrication, the cost of climate controlled storage and handling and the associated administrations are often calculated to exceed the cost of the consumables itself. With electrodes fromESAB VacPac vacuum packaging, thesecosts are completely avoided.

No re-baking, no holding ovens,no quivers. MMA electrodes from VacPac can be used straight from the package without the need to re-bake them and store them temporarily in holding ovens and quivers.

The laminated, multilayer aluminium foil is vacuum-sealed around a strong plastic inner box and effectively protects the electrodes against moisture re-absorbtion from the air. Protected by a cardboard outer box, they have unlimited shelf life and require no special warehouse conditions, provided they are handled with care and the foil is not damaged. Upon opening, fresh and dry electrodes are guaranteed when the vacuum is confirmed.

Safe welding after opening

ESAB MMA electrodes in VacPac are low moisture absorption (LMA) types with a coating that only slowly re-absorbs moisture from the air. The safe exposure time is 12 hours* after opening the VacPac with the foil left in place.

* Valid at standard AWS test conditions of 26.7 °C and 80% RH.

For optimal security, it is recommended to take out only one electrode at a time. The VacPac sizes

available are 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 pack to optimise consumption during a shift.

Electrodes exposed beyond above limits must be re-baked. VacPac provides security and makes the welder’s life easier; in offshore and pressure vessel fabrication, the petrochemical industry, the food processing industry and other applications where the prevention of cold cracking or porosity is crucial.

MMA electrodes in VacPac available for:

  • non-alloyed steels
  • low-alloyed steels
  • stainless steels
  • Ni-base alloys
  • Shift-based sizes

Vacpac – the advantages in a nutshell

  • always factory fresh and dry electrodes
  • cost savings through simplified storage and handling
  • reduced risk of hydrogen cracking or porosity
  • easier for welders to carry
  • shift-based pack sizes available greatly simplified storage and handling for major savings

Twincoat E4916 with excellent resistance to restart porosity

Cigweld and ESAB have joined forces to provide an even more extensive range of welding adn cutting equipment, accessorie and consumables.

Anything you need to get your job done, they have it.

CIGWELD / ESAB have brought to the market the OK53.16, which is a double coated (twincoat) electrode that combines the running characteristics of a rutile electrode with the mechanical properties of a basic electrode. OK53.16 can be used with both AC and DC current.

The spatter loss is minimal with these electrodes and they typically yield a metal recovery rate of 105%.

The double coating has the added advantage of being capable of running on machines with lower OCV (50V Minimum) such as small transformers.

The OK53.16 has valid shipping classifications for all of the major shipping classification societies.




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