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With so many different applications for welding and grinding, it pays to choose the right helmet for the job ~ Laura Carrazza, Marketing Manager at CIGWELD explains.

In Australia, welding and grinding are responsible for nearly a third of all eye injuries[1] and result in more than 500 hospitalisations every year.

Aside from the pain and inconvenience caused, that results in thousands of lost hours – as many as 26,000[2] by some estimates. For a busy construction or mining business, that’s a lot of downtime.

As you might expect, a lot of these injuries occur when people don’t wear protection. In a survey conducted by Monash University in Victoria[3], as many as half of those injured through welding related activities and a third of those injured through grinding related activities didn’t report wearing any eye protection at all.

But the fact remains that even with protection, far too many people are getting injured. Why? Because they’re relying on inappropriate or sub-standard equipment, or simply not using it properly.

The risks

When welding, the biggest risk is ‘flash’ or ‘arc eye’– a sort of sunburn to the cornea, caused by staring too long at harmful ultra violet rays (like arc light). Extremely painful and potentially debilitating.

When grinding, you must be wary of a disc spinning at 7,000-odd RPM or flying debris – normally hot shards of metal, which can easily be flicked underneath or through the sides of safety glasses and become embedded in the eye.

So how can you protect yourself when welding or grinding?

The right tools for the job

It’s critical to choose the right equipment and that means wearing a proper, fit-for-purpose welding helmet that not only protects your eyes but also offers full facial and neck protection – reducing the impact of arc rays that can cause burning of the skin.

One of the reasons welders get injured is because they remove their protection too early. If you’re welding for hours at a time, or you’re grinding in a hot and cramped environment, it’s crucial that you’re not itching to rip your helmet off the moment you’ve finished a weld. Look for something that:

  • is comfortable and lightweight
  • has a good sweatband to keep the sweat out of your eyes, and
  • has a good field of view.

In short, look for a helmet that you’d feel happy wearing all day long.

To minimise injury and maximise the quality of your workmanship, you want to be able to focus on the job in hand.

Look for a helmet that:

  • is compliant to Australian Standards
  • is auto-darkening and has adjustable shade settings
  • has a minimium of two light sensors, more premium helmets have 4 sensors that will respond with greater sensitivity to changes in light.
  • has a minimum reaction time of 1/20,000th second
  • is made of durable hardwearing material – ideally high impact rated if you are going to use it for grinding as well.
  • ideally allows you to change between welding and grinding modes at the single push of a button
  • has easily replaceable batteries and possibly even solar assist – to prolong battery life.

Cigweld. Helping you see the light

CIGWELD’s ProLite welding and grinding helmet was launched to market in Feb / Mar 2014 with four highly sensitive sensors, that can take readings and make adjustments to the variable lens in less than 1/20,000th of a second. Even at very low amperages, the helmet knows exactly how much light to let in, which makes it ideal for low current AC & DC TIG work as well as more powerful stick and MIG jobs.

The ProLite not only runs on regular, replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries. It features a clever solar panel which draws energy from the arc rays it’s exposed to and uses that to power up the lens – prolonging battery life in the process.

Vision is also improved with a generous viewing area of 98mm x 55mm, welding is not just easier – it’s more precise too. You can keep your head steady and your focus on the job in hand.

A simple button allows you to switch between welding and grinding modes, so you’re not plunged into darkness the moment you pick up your grinder. There’s an optional magnification lens too, which slots in easily to make light work of more fiddly jobs.

Best of all, unlike most other welding helmets on the market, the ProLite range is fully compliant with Australian Standards and the stringent requirements that are laid out in AS/NZS1337.1 & AS/NZS1338.1. This high impact rated helmet incorporates all the latest technology, while ticking all the safety boxes – so you can rest assured you’re getting a safe, practical and easy to use welding helmet from a brand you can trust!!

CIGWELD ProLite – fit for purpose

There is a huge range of welding applications in Australia, from heavy industry to agriculture, mining to car panelling – as well as amateur hobby work.

With such diversity, it makes sense to choose a helmet that is 100% fit for purpose – not a compromise for the sake of functionality, price or design.

  • A TIG welder working on intricate joins, for example, is likely to want a helmet that works even at low amps.
  • A boilermaker in the mines or out on an oil rig might be looking for something that offers maximum protection in a tough environment.
  • If you work in a fab shop and spend all day behind a torch, comfort is possibly your main consideration.
  • And if you’re running a small farm, you may be looking for durability and value for money.

The ProLite meets all the above requirements and is suited to your task at hand, whatever your specific needs. Keeping you and your colleagues safe is always the number one priority, that’s why it’s worth taking the time to find the best tool for the job. You’ve only got one pair of eyes after all …

New clean air products from Kemper

With a clear focus on innovation KEMPER has launched a new range of products. The new CleanAirTower is designed clean air indoors where local exhaust ventilation is not feasible and it is unique in the market.

The MaxiFil Clean is also a new addition to the KEMPER range, allowing for convenient portability and 360 degree operating radius. It includes many time saving features, like the on/off switch on the hood that ensure ease of use and maximum productivity while fully complying with safety standards.

KEMPER has been focused on clean air and safety in welding and cutting operations for more than 40 years. KEMPER extraction technologies offer excellent value for money at time of purchase and many use cleanable filters minimizing on-going costs.

KEMPER products come with a limited warranty and provide hazardous smoke and dust extraction during welding, cutting, or grinding. These OH&S compliant welding smoke removal products have won the respect of clients like Caterpillar,, General Electric, Snapper, John Deere, Yamaha, IBM, and many more.

Large or small, KEMPER has cost effective solutions to suit any scale project.

Kemper is distributed nationally by SMENCO Pty Ltd, 1300 728 422








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