TWECO SGT250 Spool Gun

The Tweco SGT250 Spool Gun is a comfortable pistol grip spool gun that has the cable connected from the handle for a well-balanced, light weight feel in the hand and easy maneuverability for precision welding.

With a powerful 250Amp @ 20% duty cycle (Argon) and high wire feed speed you can be assured you’ll achieve a high conductivity rate that can easily melt through the aluminium oxide to ensure exceptional fusion results. Additionally, the wire feed control knob gives you ultimate control in the hand and a 6m lead allows you flexibility with distance to the work piece.

The SGT250 has adjustable pressure roll and spool roll tensions, a wire feed viewing window and an easy access flip top cover ensuring all the adjustments you need are at your fingertips.

Why Use a Spool Gun?

Using a comfortable pistol grip spool gun loaded with a mini-spool improves the feedability of your soft aluminium wire (that is prone to bending) by shortening the distance the wire has to travel and therefore guaranteeing less time spent on fixing birds nesting wire and more time spent on quality welds.

Additionally enjoy the convenience of running a second wire via a mini spool through your spool gun without having to change the spool loaded on the wire feeder.

Features and Benefits:

Duty Cycle

  • Pure Argon: 250A @ 20% (needed for Aluminium)
  • Mixed Gas: 250A @ 20%
  • CO2: 250A @ 35%
  • Fitted with a 0.9/1.0mm U Groove Feedroll Ensures smooth feedability of soft wires (i.e. Aluminium*)

*works best with CIGWELD Autocraft AL5356 Aluminium Wires (0.9mm Minispool #721223 & 0.8mm Minispool #721224)

  • Wire Speed control knob (16mpm MAX). For ultimate control in the hand and maximum user flexibility of Wirefeed speed & amperage
  • 6m Lead with Euro Connection & 8 pin Plug – Allowing the user flexibility with distance from work piece*.

*compatible with CIGWELD WeldSkill 185, CIGWELD Transmig 220i and ESAB Rebel EMP 215

  • Simple connection and compatibility with CIGWELD and ESAB machines*

Lightweight & Well-Balanced

  • Cable connected to handle allowing for lightweight, easy manoeuvrability
  • Adjustable Pressure Roll Tension
  • Enables the user to easily feed wire on to the feedrolls and prevents wire slipping or deforming
  • Adjustable Spool Roll Tension
  • Prevents free spinning of the spool and birds nesting of the wire
  • Wire Feed Viewing Window
  • To ensure clear viewing of the wires smooth feedability without needing to open the lid
  • Easy-access Flip Top Cover – Giving the user quick and easy access to the spool, feed rolls and tensioners
  • Robust Handle Hook – Allowing for simple storage and a clear work space
  • Warranty: 6 Months*

This equipment is manufactured to stringent CIGWELD quality standards and is backed by a conditional 6 month warranty*

 *Refer to operating manual

 If you require further information please contact your local CIGWELD / ESAB Area Manager or call Customer Care on 1300 654 674.



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