The importance of welding fume protection in the workplace

Lincoln Electric has served the welding industry by delivering industry-leading welding and cutting solutions since 1895. The company recognises the challenges faced by companies regarding productivity, quality and safety. They strive to respond to such challenges with innovative and dependable solutions.


How safe is your work environment?

Arc welding is a safe occupation when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked or ignored, however, welders can encounter such dangers as:

  • electric shock
  • overexposure to fumes and gases
  • arc radiation
  • fire and explosion

Long-term and even short-term exposure may result in serious or even fatal injuries.

MIG Welding with Fume


Ensure your safety

Lincoln Electric follows an in-depth process of evaluating the right weld fume control solution for applications. Their technical sales team is trained and knowledgeable about the exposure standards, the methodology of substitution, isolation, and ventilation. As a key partner, Lincoln Electric has a wealth of experience and knowledge of welding, welding fume and welding fume removal. This can aid customers in this process, more so than vendors with a focus only on air handling.

Stick welder using Viking PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) Helmet and Mobiflex 200-M welding fume extraction unit.


Plan to protect yourself and your staff

The Lincoln Electric weld fume control team understands and recognises that each welding application is unique with its own set of variables. As such, they know that there’s not one piece of equipment and consumable solution that fits every application. Likewise, every weld fume control application is unique. Their team will engineer a system to efficiently and effectively remove welding fume and particulate from metalworking operations.



Reach out for more information

Lincoln Electric’s weld fume control product portfolio includes a broad range of equipment for the capture, extraction and filtration of welding fume and particulate. As customers’ needs and regulations change, it will continuously evaluate and adjust and improve its product lines to meet those requirements.


Download our white paper on fume to read more.

Lincoln Electric's System 55 with Fume Hood



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