Kemppi ArcValidator – the only tool required for complete welding equipment validation

The Kemppi ArcValidator is a fully automated and universal solution for validating welding equipment. Fast, thorough and reliable, it removes the need for manual input and eliminates human error as part of the equipment validation process. Highly accurate, the Kemppi ArcValidator saves the user both time and money while providing detailed records.

The validation solution links both the workshop and office-based processes. The process meets both local quality control and national validation standards. This specifically includes Australian/New Zealand standards as well as ISO 3834 and EN 50504.


ArcValidator Solution

ArcValidator Solution



The ArcValidator is MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA compatible. It is used for current, voltage and wire feed speed validation of welding power sources and wire feeders.

The ArcValidator automates the validation process. It does not require manual adjustment of parameters or manual documentation of tolerances and it provides fast and effortless validation. All the tests and parameter adjustments are done automatically. This allows users to complete the process up to 80% faster when compared to manual validation. Not only does this help users save precious time but the process is also less prone to errors and delivers accurate results.

The solution also provides effortless reporting. PC software is included as standard with the ArcValidator. The software manages both the pre and post validation process and ensures accurate record keeping and standards-compliant documentation. The software also quickly creates pass certificates that can be printed and shared if necessary.

ArcValidator PC Software

The ArcValidator PC software.


The ArcValidator is equipped with an inbuilt wire feed speed measurement facility. The remote control is a smart, handheld device that fits in the palm of the user’s hand. It records all individual validation process data for later transfer to the PC software. The software guides the user throughout the validation process, using clear on-screen instructions.

Each validation has a unique reference number that lets users track assets. This is particularly valuable when working at large scale sites with welding machine fleets or at multiple small sites.

Kemppi WireFeeder

The ArcValidator is also equipped with an in-built wire feed speed measurement facility.


The solution provides automatic, systematic and accurate validation for all of Kemppi’s sophisticated equipment including the FastMig M, FastMig X, KMS, Pulse and Kemparc Pulse.

The ArcValidator also makes the validation of other brands and multi-brand fleets possible as it is truly universal. It is compatible with all brands, models of welding machines and welding processes.

Easy to use, the ArcValidator is suitable for use in the following:

  • Maintenance workshops
  • Welding equipment service providers
  • Hire companies
  • Mobile service teams
  • Educational institutions

The ArcValidator is also the perfect tool for anyone performing arc welding equipment validation services as a business. It offers a fast return on investment. For businesses validating welding equipment on a daily basis, ArcValidator’s capital investment costs can be recovered within the first year.

‘Regular calibration of welding power is often a standard requirement to meet internal company policy and welding quality management standards. The Kemppi ArcValidator automates this process to provide fast and accurate validation. It’s also suitable for use with any brand of welding equipment, making it an efficient and effective industry-wide solution,’ said David Green, Managing Director, Kemppi Australia.

Learn more about the Kemppi ArcValidator or email Kemppi for further enquiries.





  1. Keith Quinn


    Interested in more details on the Kemppi Arcvalidator

    Here at JC Butko Engineering, we have a range of models and brands of machines, including Kemppi. I did note a comment that the ArcValidator is compatible with welding processes.” Apart from GMAW, does this also include the MMAW and GTAW processes?
    A component of our Quality System is to regularly calibrate our welding equipment, seems your timing is “spot on”
    Can you also provide a cost for the ArcValidator please


    Keith Quinn
    Quality Manager
    JC Butko Engineering Pty Ltd

    • Nigel Frogley

      Hi Kevin
      Migwell Australia is a leading Kemppi supplier and service agent,
      We use the Arc validator is our service package to validate welders for company’s who require this service.
      Are you looking to purchase a unit as we can supply you a quotation.
      Let me know


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