The Go-Anywhere, Weld-Anything Machine Is Here

ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic

The go-anywhere, weld-anything machine is here!

The Rebel EMP 215ic has everything you need to get the job done – start to finish – and all controlled via a 4.3in LCD screen! This true Multi-Process welder means that whether you are welding MIG/MAG with solid or Flux-Cored wire, MMA – with even the most tricky electrodes, or Lift TIG, Rebel will perform like it was born to run that process.

Rebel is a compact, portable welder ideal for transporting from jobsite to jobsite. With the Smart MIG function it doesn’t matter whether you have been welding for 2 years or 20 years, Rebel will make your job easier.  For the novice, there is basic mode, which makes setup simple. For the experienced, the exclusive, built-in arc control that constantly monitors your weld and adapts for superior, repeatable welds.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, the Rebel EMP 215ic is equipped with a host of features; Adjustable Burnback, Inductance and Trigger Hold, Arc Force, Hot Start, Pre & Post Flow, Weld Parameter Storage, VRD, a Quick Connect gas connection, a solid cast integrated wirefeeder and an IP23S rated robust casing. To top it all off, it is specifically built to run the SGT250 Spool Gun.

  • 3-in-1 Capability (sMIG & Manual MIG, STICK, Lift TIG)
    The simple yet versatile LCD menu gives the user ultimate flexibility to switch between any welding process with excellent weld results
  • 15Amp Lead & Plug 3m
    Single Phase Power for ease of use around the workshop
  • 4.3” TFT LCD Colour Screen – (improved image/contrast)
    Simple to use intuitive LCD/TFT display, that is well protected by the Rebel’s front handles and hefty composite bezel
  • Weld Up To 9.5mm Plate
    0.6-1.0mm M/S | 0.8-1.0 S/S | 0.8-1.2mm AL / FC
  • MIG (GMAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min.
    • 205 A @ 25%, 24.3V (230V)
  • STICK (MMAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min.
    • 180A @ 25%, 20.5V (230V)
  • TIG (GTAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min.
    • 180A @ 30%, 17.2V (230V)
  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device)
    Standards Compliant VRD gives the user added protection when in Stick mode by virtually eliminating electric shocks when not welding.
  • Spool Gun Ready (SGT250)
    Compatible with the new Tweco SGT 250 Spool gun, making this machine ideal of aluminium fabrication, repairs and auto/marine work.
  • Weld Parameter Memory Storage (4 locations)
    Save up to 4 welding parameters per process; perfect for switching between jobs

  • Adjustable Burnback, Inductance, Trigger Hold 2T / 4T
    – Burnback prevents wire sticking in the weld pool or burning back damaging the contact tip.
    – Adjustable inductance gives the user ultimate control over their welding conditions – perfect for fine-tuning arc stability and controlling spatter
    – 2T / 4T caters for user preference to reduce operator fatigue when MIG or TIG welding.
  • Adjustable Pre & Post Flow
    Purges gas line and prevents porosity at the start and end of welding; especially useful when MIG welding aluminium.
  • Arc Force & Hot start
    Avoid arc outs and sticking when the arc is too short, or too hot.
  • 5 Handle Roll Cage & Robust Casing with IP23S rating
    The enclosure is built to protect you and your machine. Designed to a higher standard, Rebel can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
  • Solid Cast Aluminium Integrated Wirefeeder for a 5kg 200mm spool
    Increased durability, decreased wire shaving & bird nesting. No tools required for easy roll drive changes.
  • Portable & Compact
    406mm x 229mm x 584mm | 18.2kg

Smart MIG (sMIG) Capability:
  • Exclusive, built-in dynamic arc control that constantly monitors your weld
  • Produces less spatter
  • Basic Mode:
    For the novice to make setup simple. Reduces the MIG learning curve – set wire diameter and material thickness and you are ready to weld (no advanced options)
  • Advanced Mode:
    – For the experienced welder, the exclusive built in arc control that constantly monitors complex arc characteristics adapting to your technique to provide a smooth, stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.
    – This also gives full control to adjust the arc characteristics to your liking, and advanced options such as Inductance and Pre/Post Gas.

  • IP23 rated
  • 3-Year Warranty*
  • Compliant with IEC 60974-1

*Refer to operating manual for full warranty details.

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Bodies
  • Civil Construction
  • HVAC
  • Light Fabrication
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Transportation

For the full range of ordering information, see brochure.

– Tweco Fusion 250 MIG Torch (Euro), 3m
– Stick electrode holder with 3m lead
– Work Lead, 3m
– CIGWELD COMET Professional Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
– Gas hose includes quick connector, 4.5m
– OK AristoRod 12.50, 200mm Spool, 0.8mm wire, 5kg
– Contact Tips & Feed Rolls to suit


If you require further information please contact us online on 1300 000 AWI / 1300 000 294.

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