Reduced Gap Technology (RGT)

Challenge: Are Demanding tasks eating up your profits?

The conventional narrow gap welding can be applied with most welding processes, but it has its disadvantages: It requires exceptional skills from welders and is practically impossible without special equipment. In addition, setting up these systems is time-consuming and therefore reasonable only with very thick materials.

Kemppi Reduced Gap Technology (RGT) Solution

Reducing the groove angle can add significantly to the efficiency and productivity of welding of heavy metal structures. Kemppi has developed a new solution, Reduced Gap Technology (RGT). This technology allows reliable and efficient narrow gap welding with no need for special equipment or accessories for material thicknesses of up to 30 mm. The RGT combines intelligent arc control with Kemppi’s high-tech power source, wire feeder and mechanization equipment.


Start Profiting Immediately

The investment costs of RGT are exceptionally low, since no special narrow gap equipment is needed in welding with material thicknesses up to 30 mm.

Perform the Welding Work Faster, Profit More

RGT enables smaller groove volume which yields significant cost savings through reductions in welding time and filler-material consumption.

Weld Easier

Thanks to RGT, the arc length is always stable. Since the user doesn’t need to adjust it, there is less hassle and the arc time ratio is higher.

Don’t Spend Your Profit on Rework

RGT minimizes heat input, which improves impact toughness especially with high-strength steels and reduces deformation, so there is less need for straightening.


The Intelligence of RGT

At the core of Kemppi’s RGT solution there is the most advanced arc control system in the field of welding. The intelligent arc control is achieved by utilizing two revolutionary application software developed by Kemppi: WisePenetration, which keeps the arc power consistent and WiseFusion, which provides adaptive regulation that keeps the arc focused and optimally short. All of this functionality is combined in WisePenetration+ function available in the X8 MIG Welder.

WisePenetration keeps the arc power consistent, regardless of variations in the contact-tip-to-work distance.


WiseFusion provides adaptive regulation that keeps the arc focused and optimally short.

Kemppi RGT is available for Kemppi’s FastMig KMS, FastMig M, FastMig Pulse and FastMig X welding machines equipped with the WisePenetration and WiseFusion application software.

If you have a compatible Kemppi welding machine, but not yet the application software required for RGT, you are always able to update your system. The Wise software is easy to purchase and install.

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