Kemppi Weldeye Welding Management System

About Kemppi Australia’s Weldeye

 Leading Australian welding equipment supplier, Kemppi Australia, has launched its Weldeye welding management system. The system is designed to improve welding quality management and operational productivity, whilst reducing operating cost and risk.

Kemppi Australia’s Managing Director, Mr David Green, explained that Weldeye is a modular suite of software-based solutions. ‘Users can implement the various modules according to their needs to effectively monitor, control and manage the quality and efficiency of their welding operations while capturing relevant documentation.’

‘The System traces every weld, records welder qualifications, welding procedure specifications (WPS), all materials and operational welding parameters. Once welding parameters are set, any deviations by the welder are identified in real-time and can be altered to eliminate the need for rework,’ he added.

The System can be applied to single and multi-machine, and multi-site operations both within a country and across borders, and managed from a single central welding co-ordination point.

Weldeye automatically collects and analyses big data information for users so that they know at a glance how the welding operation is proceeding and if any adjustments need to be made, saving time and money.

Plus, it can collate welding documentation automatically to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with post welding administration.

In essence, Weldeye is an invaluable toolbox of solutions that support welding operations to become significantly more efficient and productive, save time and money, and minimise risk.

The modular nature of the System means it can be tailored to each organisation’s specific requirements. The System’s flexibility ensures features such as NDT, welder maintenance and power source calibration/validation scheduling can be built-in as required.

It also fully supports the operation of a formal welding quality management system, stated as a requirement under local welding standard AS/SNZ1554.1:2014, and specifically the quality management requirements set out in AS/NZS ISO 3834-2, as recommended particularly for structural fabricators requiring 3rd party approval under the AS1554.1 standard.

‘Up to now, welding processes in critical operations have relied upon the integrity of the welder plus retrospective welding inspection to guarantee welding quality. Weldeye revolutionises all this. It factually confirms that all welds are as they should be, and delivers complete peace of mind. As we’ve said it lets you “stop guessing and start knowing”,’ remarked David Green.

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