Volunteering – Because it is Your Profession and Your Institute

The AWI is your institute, and it exists entirely to support, promote and regulate your profession and the Australian Welding and Fabrication industry. If you do not like the way AWI operates, the services it delivers, or the way in which it recognises professionals in the industry, there are ways in which you can engage in its processes and procedures to influence its direction and purpose. If you know of industry requirements for regulation and professional recognition, or requirements within your profession that are not being adequately addressed, then AWI wants you to become actively involved.

The personal benefits of voluntary contribution to the AWI include high-value professional development, extension of your personal network, and enhanced status within your professional community.

Following that, volunteering to be a part of AWI’s governance and delivery of its services to the Australian Welding and Fabrication industry is more than just a free labour resource, your voluntary effort directs the future of your profession.

In terms of standards, welding is one of the most regulated industrial processes, often with very stringent requirements for validation of its application, and inspection and monitoring of its integrity. However, the regulation of individuals taking up employment as welders, welding inspectors, welding supervisors, and welding engineers is entirely voluntary.

AWI provides a structure for standardisation of the professional status of welding, materials joining and materials integrity professionals. This structure is not created externally as a business venture, and imposed through commercial pressure, it has been developed, and continues to develop, through the effort of volunteers, members of AWI with a common commitment to assuring the best for the Australian Welding and Fabrication industry.

The future of your profession is under your direction. AWI listens to its members and the industry it represents and provides structure for competent industry professionals to standardise those competencies.

AWI is your institution, for the development, regulation, recognition, and future of your profession, and it relies on your voluntary effort to ensure that your profession is regulated in the way that you believe it should be.

If you would like to become involved in the AWI please email admin@welding.org.au


This article has been adapted from Editorials by Eur Ing Chris Eady originally published in Welding and Cutting Issue 3/16 and Issue 3/18).



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