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    Hi guys!

    Im new here and have been trying a few forums around and this one seems to have some really helpful info being shared. Im hoping someone out there can help!

    A bit about me:
    Im a 24 year old Brit who has recently completed my CGLI 3268 Certificate in Welding Skill (Level 1 in both MIG and TIG) in the UK after finishing University and attaining my BA Business Administration. I also have completed an HABC Level 1 Award in the Principles of Health and Safety.

    I have been desperate to get a start in welding/boiler-making or similarly related field. I am incredibly hard working and while I am sure that everyone says that, I know this to be one of my core strengths. I am a very fast and diligent learner and eager to work hard to build a career for myself. I am currently in Brisbane visiting my brother, and having seen the lifestyle and after meeting some amazing people, I can say without a doubt that this is where I want to be.

    I have searched high and low online and made countless phone calls but it seems that no matter where I look (UK or Australia) no where seems to be willing to hire someone with little/no experience. I understand the risks that are involved in taking a 'gamble' on someone without a proven track record but I also know within myself how hard I am willing to work.

    I guess my main problem has been trying to solve the riddle of "how do you get experience without having any experience?"

    It really would be a massive help if someone out there could help me out with a referral or a point in the right direction. I am at my whits end and really just need some help to get my foot in the door somewhere and to prove my abilities and determination.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my thread, sorry it's a bit long :p !


    Greg Thorpe CV .docx

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    I think your best shot would be to get a decent stick welder, maybe with tig (and pulse per second for thin metal) and practise.
    Get onto youtube and watch the videos. once you have the competency, you can get work and the other stuff like drawing interpretation and stuff can be learnt on the job. Invest in yourself, and practice.
    Ring up and ask what material your local employers are welding with. Generally it is either Stick, Mig, or Tig, or spot welding machines, which are used for sheet metal.

    Some people are natural born welders, they can hold the rod so steady and mimic the action so good that they only need showing once. I hate them, except when I am drunk, then I pick things up quite easily.

    These people generally get a job cause they are good at sports, but stupid, and ace the test. They then spend a long time learning things through experience. Or they are bright but poor.

    Other people just have a knack for it.

    I spent 3 years working as a Trade Assistant in a Boilermaking company. In the first two years i was not even allowed to touch the Welder. Unless you have an in or just someone willing to go through the headfuck of teaching you to earn some cash, you aint gonna get shit. Its about what you bring to the table, and the ability to weld shit together good is rare and therefore valuable, and it is much cheaper to just pay the 35 -60 AUD for someone who will do the job, than invest the 6 months of time and energy on developing someone elses skill (because you can just leave).

    So if you want to learn how to weld, go to BOC or WTIA or CIGWELD and buy a machine.
    And then spend 900 or so hours. Or go to a TAFE and do a night course, or a cert 1 in welding. Whatever.
    And a few books on welding theory might help too.

    So to summarize
    Invest in yourself
    Tafe course
    Own welding machine
    welding theory
    T/A job in a boilermaking firm would help as well.

    You don’t usually just get an apprenticeship.
    I took 3281 attempts.


    Probably a bit late now, however………….

    If you want to get a start in the welding industry without any previous experience, your first step should be to enrol in a course to get a couple of AS1796 welding “tickets”.

    Most TAFE colleges will run these, it is just a matter of deciding which area of welding you would like to focus on, and get the appropriate tickets to suit this. ie, no point getting MIG tickets, if you prefer stick welding.


    You can’t just enroll for AS1796 pressure tickets without proven prior experience.  They don’t run these courses to learn on, they run them for experienced welders wanting further qualifications

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