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    Shane Kavanagh

    I am trying to work out the best way to get the most out of a procedure i am about to run. Id like to ask if i am right in what i am trying to do and get anyone's input that might help me maximize what i can get out of the qualification.

    Material is A106 Grb B (Group A1) 25.4mm
    Configuration is Single Vee Butt
    First Process is GMAW (Root)
    Second Process is FCAW (Fill)
    third Process is SAW (2.4mm Wire)(Fill)
    4th Process is SAW (4mm Wire)(Fill/Cap)

    As the material thickness being used allows for coverage of 5mm up too 50.8mm, and there is a restriction in the essential variable of AS3992 Table 5.1 Item 7(d) on arc energy (range is 80% increase 50% decrease). So what im trying to get is a procedure that will allow me to use a wide range of amperage's and voltages to use on different material thickness.

    Note 8 to table 5.1 state that one or more process may be deleted provided the joint thickness is within the thickness range of the remaining process. So if i go to weld a slip on flange on a 40mm thick wall pipe, i can use the weld procedure and only use the 4th process with 4mm wire, similarly if i have to weld a slip on flange on a 12mm thick pipe then i can use the third process on the outside of the flange 2.4mm Wire and second process FCAW on the inside of the flange.

    Im not sure if i haven't done a cap run with the 2.4mm wire on the qualification, whether i will be able to use just  the first 3 to do say a butt weld.?

    Any comments appreciated.



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