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      Can someone please help shed some light on AS3992 with respect to branch welding pipes. I need to find out if there is pre-qualified criteria for branch welding. AS3992 tbl 2.3 lists pre-qualified pipe weld preps, which look to be for joining pipe end-to-end… but I want to pre-qualify a branch welding procedure. There are some notes under the table;  Note 2 states, "Branch welds are qualified by butt welds using maximum radius or gap and conversely the minimum radius or gap should be associated with the maximum angle."  The meaning of this is not clear to me….?

      The only info that I can find on branch welding is AS4041 Appendix M " Typical preparation and assembly of set-on 90deg  branches without backing" Good diagram, but still lacks detailed information.

      How do I master branch welding specs and is there pre-qualified criteria for branch welding?

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