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    Hi all,

    One of my welders approached me on how he can get an AS 1796 cert through a private company instead of heading down the path of the slow and dragged out TAFE system .  We are located in Brisbane. 



    I have been aske the same question mate, basically you have to find an approved RTO who can issue the certification and go through them.
    The TAFE system only issues exam papers twice a year, if your welder hasnt already got a cert he may have to do the module
    “Select Welding Processes” before he can receive his quals. The prac side of it can pretty much be sat at any time.
    I have some TAFE teaching experience and Cert4 TAA, this has helped because I am about to kick off an in-house class of 10 blokes who
    will be enrolled through TAFE but I will deliver the training, and we only have to cover enrollment fees and 2 visits from a TAFE assessor.
    This makes a big difference to cost, these days a pressure ticket costs around $2300 each and there are no guarantees you will pass.
    A lot of blokes choke on the day and fail when they are really good welders.
    As you know welders dont have to be certified to AS1796, you can qualify them to just about any code you want if they are good.
    Try the WTIA they make visits for welder quals but I think you will pay handsomely for the service:)

    Good luck with it mate!!



    The AS1796 1 to 9 certs have mixed opinions of their value to industry.  The guys that don’t have them bag them because at the end of the day you don’t need them.  But I know when looking through resumes I will call the welders that have them first, mainly because they have passed the theory component.  I have seen guys with the certs and were very ordinary welders. 



    Yea mate I have come acoss welders who bag out the guys with the certs, basically because most of them couldnt pass the
    test themselves. If anyone can sweat it out in the welding bay and achieve his certificate he has won my respect.
    Ive been there myself a number of times now. In my opinion if a bloke applying for a job has some AS1796 quals he will
    always get ahead of the guys that don’t.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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