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    Shane Kavanagh

    Can anyone point out where it states in any standard or code that, if a piping system is designed to ASME B31.3 it must be welded to ASME IX? or if piping is designed to Australian Standards Say AS4041 that is must be welded to AS3992?

    I have a client that has mentioned this in his comments on a review of my WPS.

    My Reply was this:
    At no time was I instructed or given reference to any material stating that I had to use ASME / ANSI standards. This is not mentioned on the drawings, the drawings do not reference any specifications and I was not provided any. If there is an issue with using AS4041/AS3992 why was I not told this at the start? Back in May! – The preface of AS3992 paragraph 7 is worth reading particularly the part where it states “This standard is based on AS1210, with due allowance for practices or requirements of AS1228 and AS4041. Modifications have been made to utilize current appropriate requirements of ASME BPV Sec IX ASME boiler and pressure vessel code”. And further “ Requirements have been formulated with a view to maximum compatibility with recognising leading international standards”. Whilst I’m happy to work with the standard you nominate, the drawings did not state the design code. The fact that I wasn’t told I was required to work to ASME IX and ANSI B31.3, the previous job as done to AS4041 and that we are building pipe work for an Australian project, my assumption that using AS4041 had its merits.

    I have welded many a job that was designed to ANSI b31.3 and welded to AS4041. I have never come across this as a requirement before, but ill stand corrected if anyone can point something out that i don't know about?

    Kav 🙂



    Hi Kav,
    See below from B31.3

    328.2.1 Qualification Requirements
    (a) Qualification of the welding procedures to be used
    and of the performance of welders and welding operators
    shall conform to the requirements of the BPV Code,
    Section IX except as modified herein…..”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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