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    as a Fabrication Supervisor i am also responsible for doing the weld quals at our work. is there a place,page,etc that shows exactly what tests ( macro/UT/etc) are required for "x" position and for "x" type of welding?
    i have been dealing with a few testing facilities and also a few experts but seem to get conflicting opinions and info quite regularly.

    basically i would like to know (example): what are the required tests for a fillet weld on GR350, 16mm thick in a 1G position using FCAW under 1554.1 – from what i've been told this would require a macro and 2 bend tests. true/false?

    if the codes were then expanded to cover 2980, 3992 and ASME 9, what would it then require?

    is there a table somewhere that would have all this info simplified to allow us to approximate what would be required when a WPS/WPQR is done so costs can be approximated?



    There is no published table as far as I am aware that covers the requirements you are after, ie, multi code qualifications.

    The only way to undertake this, is to go through each standard you want to qualify your welders to, get the testing requirements for the positions needed, then make sure that you do all of the testing required.

    An example would be if standard 123 required 1 macro, 2 bend tests and 3 charpy’s, but standard xyz requires 3 macros & 1 bend test, the testing required would be 3 macros, 2 bend tests and 3 charpys.

    As you do more testing, you would be able to make up an excel spreadsheet, showing testing requirements.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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