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    hay im just wondering what is the diferance betwean the AU cert and NZ cert as i had nz 4711 cert but when i moved to AUS and was applying for jobs and stuff i would get funny looks asked what the hell is that.

    and when i got the ticket i was told it was reconised every where what a joke.

    its like with my trade cert i have no one knows what it is over here (engineering fabrication-heavy fabrication level 4 version3)


    Hey winnys
    my understanding is the NZ4711 is similar to AS2980
    I am not completely fimiliar with it
    one of the guys on the forum who is pretty sharp and I reckon has a handle on what happens in NZ is BB ( I will PM him)

    as for the trade cert, unfortunately there is a similar situation with the Aust trade certs they have changed them, but there has not been an awareness campaign so the employers understand the new titles

    ie engineering tradesperson – fabrication (gone is the welder 1st class etc)

    maybe the new “Australian Welding Institute” can look at this issue and work with NZ to come up with some standards that will work for both countries

    Obviously this has already started to happen with the joint AS/NZS documents (2980 is one) maybe the NZers should consider this

    Good luck


    Hey Flash / winnyreds,
    I realise this is a very old post but thought if I answer it it may assist someone else in the future.
    NZS 4711 (if my memory serves me correctly – I did it over 25 years ago) is IMHO actually tougher than AS 2980.
    It is a transferrable certification that is issued to the welder on successful completion of his tests.
    4 x 12 mm test plates (Flat, vertical, horizontal and overhead)
    300 mm long
    150 mm x radiographed, 2 x nick breaks and 1 x bend

    NZS 4711 is referenced in AS/NZS 1554 Pt 1 (4.12.2 (a) and is deemed equivalent to AS 2980 so just take a photocopy of that page with your quals and it may assist prospective employers who don’t recognise that code,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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