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    What is the Code requirements 3992 for any repair welding carried out during fabrication?
    What are the requirements of the welded test pieces.?
    What are the Code requirements of a mechanical test carried out on a production plate plate fails.?


    for pressure equipment It depends on what hazard level the vessel is classed and what materials are to be weld repaired

    before proceeding with weld repairs on pressure equipment classed hazard level “A” if the vessel is to be subjected to external fabrication inspection, the fabrication inspection body must be informed .
    the inspection body must approve the repair if it is greater than 20mm deep and 300mm long in base metal groups A1,A2,A3,K and M. Greater than 10mm deep and 200mm long in base metal groups D,E,J and any repair in base metal groups F,G,H
    for equipment of other hazard levels relevent consent should be granted by the inspector to the fabricator to conduct repairs as necessary.
    All repairs must be documented and made available if requested.
    a qualified procedure and welding operator must be used for the repair. a previously qualified procedure and operator may be used but a new procedure tested and qualified may be required (if the weld has failed something may be wrong with the original procedure).
    repairs should be prior to heat treatment or the repair may need to be reheat treated, more info on this in section 14 of AS4458

    if the production test plate fails additional tests may be taken from the test piece if these fail the test piece shall be rejected.
    If a production test plate is rejected all welds which it represents on the vessel will have to be removed.


    With all due respect – Control-Arc has posted the correct information for repairs during fabrication.
    It is basically a copy and paste of Section 13.3 (Repairs to Welds and Components) of AS 4458.
    As you are no doubt aware , AS 4458 is for Pressure Vessels-Manufacture,


    Good info guys
    Firstly the original post was about repairs during fabrication
    What you have described – control arc – is for repairs of existing vessels the are two different situations which require different approaches
    Repairs during fab just require that you used a qualified wps
    The service conditions and material will determine if it is necessary to run a repair wps or just use the existing wps you welded the joint with first time
    Some of the questions I would ask
    – are there hardness restrictions
    – what is the material type
    – are impacts involved
    – is it sdss that requires corrosion testing
    – is there a client spec

    It depends on the response to these as to the need to run a repair procedure
    If it was an A1 material with no hardness restrictions and no impacts the original wps is fine and it’s use complies with the code
    Just my opinion

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