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    Slag in Sleeve

    If I am interpreting this correctly I can have a welder do an OH butt joint in house to my 1554 procedure and according to Table 4.12.2 that approves that welder to all positions bar VD including fillets provided I have the according procedures to 1554.

    If that’s the case it kind of makes 2980 nul & void. Am I reading this correctly or barking mad?


    Important point – I have an old copy of 1554 (2000), has the table changed?



    Just had a look through 2004 edition of AS/NZS 1554.1.
    The positions you have listed are correct to this edition, but these HAVE changed in the 2011 edition, to the positions in my last post.

    To qualify all positions (except Vertical Down) to AS/NZS 1554.1, the best way would be to do a pipe coupon in the 6G position.
    Instead of getting a macro done, have it radiographed, and if applicable, bend tests to AS/NZS 3992, which also qualifes the welder for pressure equipment standards.


    I don’t believe that there were any changes to this table in the 2011 revision.

    Overhead butt in plate will qualify the welder for the following positions –

    Flat, Horizontal, Overhead butt welds in plate (1G, 2G, 4G)
    Flat, Horizontal Vertical, Overhead fillet welds in plate (1F, 2F, 4F)
    Rotating Flat butt weld in pipe (1G)
    Rotating Flat fillet weld in pipe at 45 degrees (1F)
    Horizontal Vertical & Fixed overhead fillet weld in pipe (2F & 4F)

    Slag in Sleeve
    Slag in Sleeve

    Thanks again Cassgazz, thats a good option. I had been thinking that a 6G pipe would be the way to go. The additional tests will be good too as I have some pressure pipe comming up.

    Cheers SiS


    be careful with the testing is this for a PQR or WPS different mechanical testing is required


    attached is the table from the 2011 version. The table in the 1013 draft has not changed from the 2011 version
    table 4.12.2 (a).pdf

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