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    Da welder

    we know E 4818 or E4110 electrodes tensile strength by the first two numbers, but how do you know the tensile strength of the 304,316 or 308 etc.of the s/less steel group?Thanks for any info.

    Inspector Gadget

    As far as I am aware, the numbering classification system for SS electrodes is more to do with everything else except tensile strength.

    AS/NZS 4854-2006 has detailed information regarding the chemical compositions, positions, polarity’s and tensile strengths of the Stainless Steel electrodes. Page 10 of AS/NZS 4854, table 3 has the mechanical property requirements for the Stainless Steel electrode groups.

    Minimum tensile strenght for:
    18 8mn (not listed as 304) – minimum 500 Mpa
    308                                  – minimum 550 Mpa
    308L                                – minimum 510 Mpa
    316                                  – minimum 550 Mpa
    down to
    316L                                – minimum 490 Mpa
    Remember these are the minimum requirements and higher tensile strengths are usually obtained by the manufacturer’s.

    Or you can obtain the manufacturer’s tensile strength data reports.  The CIGWELD pocket hand book is a good guide to have as well.

    AS/NZS1553.1-E4110 and E4818 have been superseded by AS/NZS4855-2007 E4310 and E 4918.
    41-410Mpa is now 43-430Mpa and 48 – 480Mpa is now 49-490 Mpa).  I am not sure why AS1554.1 etc have not made any ammendments to the standards yet?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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