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    Hi All
    this is a point to get the Forum started

    A single sideed butt covers double sided
    if you weld it in the 1G position it qualifies for 2G and 4G
    I do not know if I agree with it but that is the way the current version of the code reads

    Ron Wisdom

    Me again,
                  Single sided butts should qualify double sided, a practical solution.
    As for 1G qualifying 2G and 4G sigle dided, I would like to se this in practice.
    For Example the root run settings might work, but the fill parameters may not.
    E.G. a 20mm single sided single V 1G might be:

    Root run 130A-18V
    Fill and cap 250A-28V.

    I would be very surprised if you could handle 250A-28V overhead.
    It would be difficult horizontally.

    Where does the Essential variables of +- 10%Amps – +-7%Volts and +-15% travel come into this?


    Thanks for the contribution Ron
    you make some valid points
    I agree that the standard has some issues, and in practice may not work, as in the example you have posted, very astute
    You are also right in as much as the essential variables may very wellbe the limiting factor
    we must not forget that the standard is a minimum and people like yourself will have the practical experience to request that the procedure be qualified in the position it is used in, to ensure it can be used in production


    Hi Flash,
    Where in AS 1554 does it say that 1G only covers 2G and 4G, I can’t find it anywhere ?.
    I agree with your statement about the code being a minimum only. WTIA Tech Note 11 states that it is recommended that fabricators perform tests on coupons as close as possible to those being used in production. They even agree with what Ron has said about using a Flat WPS for Overhead welding, it is not really applicable. The code may allow 1 test to cover all positions but it is recommended that you qualify as many positions as necessary to cover all applications.
    What is really confusing is Section 4.1.2 (b) states that any  procedure qualification for any prequalified joint shall qualify all other positions listed for that joint without further testing.
    Then you have Table 4.11 (A) (k) which states that a change in welding position is an essential variable and therefore a change requires requalification ???


    Hey BB
    Pg 86
    I was looking at the FCAW/GMAW column
    MMAW and GTAW actually qualifies all positions
    once again sharp BB



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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