Is there an alternative to hiring an argon gas cylinder?

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    Hi, I'm new to this site and would appreciate some advice
    I do mostly stick welding to repair agricultural equipment on our farm, but have a MIG welder also using flux cored wire
    I'm wanting to occasionally use plain wire with argon gas sheild, but won't really do enough to justify renting a cylinder constantly
    Is it possible to purchase a cylinder and regs, and just pay to get it filled when it's empty?
    That way, once the initial purchase is made, it won't cost me unless I'm using it


    Welcome to WF Simon.
    I think the only way to purchase your own cylinder in Australia, is to buy small disposable cylinders.
    All the refillable ones are rented.

    Cheers Mike


    I too am in the same position re gas rental, am looking at a few options, if anyone has any ideas on this topic id love to hear them. it cant be that were simply tied to rental or grossly overpriced and wastefull disposable cylinders?

    ive used pub gas plenty and will return to co2 only for mig if i can find no solution.
    ive been looking at a bunch of ebay cylinders, some tested and new, some requiring testing, anyone know what it costs to get one tested? and where? im nearish to margaret river in WA.

    any suggestions greatly recieved

    ps i understand the difference between co2 and co2/argon mix and know the difference!

    ta in advance!


    I posted this question on the welding section of Woodwork Forum, with quite a few replies. Here’s the link

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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