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    Im looking to further my welding education with higher level pipe welding certs, the problem is the training that TAFE provides is almost worthless, they stick you in a welding bay and tell you to practice untill you get it, mean-while charging you $1500 for experience each time. Im really wanting to learn the little tips and tricks that you need to know to be the best. I have a reasonable understanding of pipe welding and atleast 30% of my work week is spent welding pipe in position. So is there any other instutuions that I can go to get the proper training.?


    My advice to you would be to speak to a many experienced pipe welders that you can and ask them how they do it then go and practice what they said
    you will learn alot just by practising over and over, that way you can work out what you can and cant get away with and what works for you

    If you have particular questions try posting them on the forum and see what comes up
    I responded to one under ticket 7 a while ago that provided a few tips and tricks

    ask the guys you work with, get on some pipework jobs even as a fitter to get access to these guys
    unfortunately there is no dedicated course for what you are after
    what you need is work/job experiences that will assist you developing your skills

    good luck


    I think like you say my best bet would be to just practice more and try to get onto a pipeline job. What about internationaly.? Is there much in the way of welding schools out there.? I know the americans and candians really get into pipe welding so they must have something in the way of a school.?


    Yes ,welding education in australia leaves a lot to be desired and is costly to say the least . If you are fully prepared and have a good idea of what you’re doing before you hit the course you will be in front and if you do it through the private sector you will get through it quicker , because tafe only seems to advance as fast as the slowest student . A good source of procedure is ” Pipe Welding Procedures ” by Hoobasar Rampaul , available from pipefiitter .com or maybe you might be able to get it through amazon . It even covers all the tricks of gtaw root runs and walking the cup . As a young man , I thought I knew it all and was pretty much holding my own , but everything changed with the startup of the northwest shelf  project . The standard changed to ASME IX , meaning full fusion with controlled or minimal penetration . I went to Perth Welding School and met George Benedetti and soon found out how big a mug I really was . George was German and all he did in Germany was pipe welding on nuclear power stations . If finances allow , buy a small inverter and practice as much as possible at home . Start practicing on plate and get every position spot before moving on , for example , if you have’nt got the overhead right you will never be able to crack the 6 G . Get some 6010’s and Kobe LB52u ‘S . Little tip , if you’re having trouble with control and over-penetration with the Kobe’s on the root run , up your amps a bit and flick over to run electrode negative , it gives you a nice flat internal bead profile . Other than that , best of luck and be persistent

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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