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    Request help……….


    Sorry, I thought the question was referring to procedure.

    Welder does not need requalification if using the same welding process.

    A new procedure however needs to be qualified as the joint efficiency has been decreased.

    Test coupon welded both sides is ground/gouged to sound metal (GTSM). This is to achieve 100% fusion in the root.

    Changing to welded from one side, 100% root penetration or fusion cannot be guaranteed.


    Ironically no they do not require requal
    but this is another case where AS3992 differs to AS1554.1
    In my opinion this is incorrect they should have to requal
    A WQT on double sided should NOT cover single sided, keep in mind AS/NZSs are a minimum and you may choose to get the operator qualified I know I would, as it could save you issues in production

    As for WPS, the same applies, in my opinion you do NOT have to requal according to the standard, this does not mean I agree with it
    See AS3992 Note 4 Table 5.1, — I think as 1554.1 has it right, single covers double but not the other way around
    my understanding is – joint efficiency does not come into it as this applies to design – as it is the allowable stress in the joint as compared to the parent material

    The biggest issue is single sided are not ideal for service conditions that involve fatigue and corrosion, I have seen single sided on more than one class 1, but a double sided should always be th preference

    Slag in Sleeve

    The awnser should be yes.


    I agree with it, AS 1554.1 is a pain in the xxx,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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