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    Slag in Sleeve

    Hello from Christchurch New Zealand. We have had the privilege of switching our old welder qual to AS 2980 as of April 1st. As you can imagine, this has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons.

    I have a question relation to AS 2980 certified welders switching employment. The code states that the welder must qualify to the new employers procedure. How is that handled on the Australian employment front?

    Also, if an employment agency are advertising for certified welders, must the agency have procedures that the welder has to qualify too? Effectively the agency is now your employer so reading the code suggests that they must qualify you if they want to hire a certified welder.

    Also I want to say thank you to you in Australia for all your support and the people you sent to us in Christchurch for the earthquake relief effort. Words are not enough to express our thanks.


    welcome SiS
    have a look under the AS1554 board this has been discussed in detail

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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