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    Inspector Gadget

    Hi all,  I need to qualify a WPS in the 5F position and I was wondering if anyone has ever done a successful weld in the 5F position using 2.5mm or 3.2mm 309L electrodes?  What did you use?  What tips and tricks did you use?  My welders are having trouble in the vertical up. we are currently using E309L-16 electrodes and are looking at CIGWELD E309L-17 as we heard they are better in the out-of-position (especially vertical up). We are limited to Lloyds approved electrodes….but…am willing to listen and explore others who have done this weld successfully using other brands.

    Welding 321 stainless steel to carbon steel. Cannot use GTAW but able to use GMAW or FCAW 309L.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    HI Inspector Gadget
    I have done some work with a 308L FCAW from Sandvik with CO2 gas, I think the 309L would run as good if not better, Sandvik are a great wire
    a premium wire and gas with GMAW will work well as well particularly with Pulse

    I suggest giving either of these a go (less than 8mm GMAW, more than 10mm thick FCAW as a general rule)

    You should be able to get the electrodes to run OK as well, just keep the bead size down, Chroma are a good electrode I have had some suggest with

    Let me know how ya go


    Hi Inspector Gadget,

    What is the reason you cannot use the TIG process?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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