Welding Inspection

The Australian Welding Institute is committed to providing its members with ‘competitive choice’ and a cost-effective certification scheme for Fabrication/Welding Inspector

The purpose of this qualification is to verify the competence of personnel that intend to conduct and perform fabrication/welding inspection to assess a welded structure that meets the acceptance criteria of specific codes, standards and/or other documents.

The tasks undertaken by a person operating in this type of role include selecting, conducting or verifying appropriate non-destructive tests, establishing and validating welding procedures, ensuring quality assurance is carried out, and monitoring procedures.

Information covered:

  • Interpretation of plans & specifications
  • Validation of fabrication/welding procedures
  • Assessment & Interpretation of OHS
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Organisation of NDT procedures and
  • Project Management

These study units (conducted by RTOs around the country) apply to inspection of welding structures based on knowledge of fabrication/welding, NDT and metallurgy, mechanical properties of welded joints, heat treatment, procedures and performance qualification, safety, quality assurance and national and technical standards. Test procedures and the range of this standard are determined by applicable Australian and/or International standards

Our strategy is to offer flexible, logical and progressive certification and education schemes driven by members and industry. We actively support and promote the AS 1796 and AS 2214 Welding qualifications. We have established an alliance with a number RTO’s around the country and take pleasure in supporting and promoting these RTO’s and programs and are now endorsing Welder Qualification AS 1796 Certificates 1 – 9, Welding Supervisors to AS1796 and AS2214.

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