CSWIP Certification

The Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel (CSWIP), is an internationally recognised, role-specific competence. It is recommended for people working in welding and/or inspection roles.

The certification scheme has been developed by TWI and has more than 60,000 certified individuals worldwide. TWI is the world’s largest provider of high-quality, welding technology and inspection related training.

CSWIP certification schemes are UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 which is the international standard for welding personnel certification.

CSWIP Certifications

The TWI Certification Scheme covers a variety of welding areas, including:

Maintaining your certification

Certified personnel have specific codes and standards to comply with. Employers and clients can take comfort in knowing that their CSWIP certified tradesperson is compliant with the Code of Professional Conduct. They must behave with high integrity, in a professional and responsible manner at all times.

Certification is valid for five years and can be renewed six months prior to the expiration date. Welders are required to keep a logbook, which will assist in maintaining evidence of your work activities and continuing professional development.

Verifying CSWIP certificates

CSWIP Certification can be verified on the TWI Certification Scheme for Personnel website. This allows you to hire welders and personnel with confidence that their certification is valid and in date.

Verify Certification